Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where we write

We are not confined to desks
On carpeted or wooden floors
With our backs to windows
Or facing the sun
Desks holding dictionary, thesaurus, black or blue bic pens
Matching lamps from JC Penney, Goodwill, Ikea
We write in the world
Church pews, red lights, emergency rooms, laundry mats

We have no conversation for
No time to write
There is always time
Especially when there is not
There is time to write
When there is time to pee, to eat, to sneeze, for sex
We know that we are not fully who we are
When we are not creating
Unwinding the messy of some story, poem, essay

We remember and connect ourselves
Again to ourselves
Through characters we create, kill off, build up
Through stanzas and paragraphs
Sentences and letter by letter
We reach beyond the limits of what we know
Of whom we think we are
Beyond the noise in our heads

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