Saturday, October 23, 2010


RED STORIES is my new one woman show and it starts Saturday, October 30 at Lucy Florence Coffee House in Leimert Park. There is a photography slide show at 6 and the show begins at 7. The tickets are $20 and that includes a copy of my book THE CORNERS OF MY SHAPING.

Now, what is RED STORIES? This show features me performing poetry, comedy, drama and sharing thoughts focused on healing and finding ways to let go of old stories that keep us bound. RED STORIES focuses on going through the process of it. It? Yeah, the its that land in our laps. The its we think are too big for us to hold. Often it seems we either get swallowed in drama of it or we skip straight to "It's all good" and sweep the stress we don't know how to deal with right back into the deep parts of ourselves. RED STORIES focuses on us using our voices. Calling the foul. Giving praise. Loving ourselves.

How can you get tickets? Well, you can paypal me at, go to Lucy Florence in Leimert Park and pick them up, or you can get tickets the evening of the show. Let me tell you though, the theatre only seats 52 and some tickets have already been sold.

I do hope I see you next Saturday. Until then, love you.



What: RED STORIES a one woman show

When: Saturday, October 30, 2010

What time: photography slide show at 6, show at 7

How much: $20 includes copy of THE CORNERS OF MY SHAPING

Where: LUCY FLORENCE COFFEE HOUSE 3351 W. 43rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90008

Why: Because isn't it time?

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