Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear God

Thank You God for this day. This perfect, unique, blessed day. Thank You for waking me up this morning. Waking me up in time to see the moon still out. Thank You for all of the stories in my head. For my friends, family. Thank You for Uraeus. Bless him today and everyone in his life. Bless him with laughter and love. With peace and understanding.

Thank You for Red Stories. For poetry, art, stories. Thank You for the artists I know. Thank You for our paths. Thank You for blessing us to use our talents as voice. Red Stories is dedicated to You. For Your guidance. For Your love.

Thank You for my health. For the ability to walk, run, swim, breathe, move and keep moving. Thank You for safety. Thank You for my legs, arms, lungs, feet, mouth, voice, fingers, eyes, nose, face, thank You for all of my body. For my feet and for my hair.

Thank You God for loving me in ways I forget to love myself. Thank You for seeing me as me. For seeing me as You. Thank You for not comparing me to anyone else. Please forgive me for comparing myself and my gifts, my blessings to other's and finding myself short. You never see me like that. Thank You. Thank You for everything You protect me from that I will never know about. Thank You for being the best friend I could ever have. Thank You for listening to all of my concerns. Thank You for loving me through everything. Thank You for saying no to what I thought I wanted but was no good for me according to the plan You have for me. Thank You for using me. Thank You for blessing others through me. Thank You because You are.

Thank You, thank You, because You are.

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