Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life is blue sky (from journal entry 12-27-93)

only in secret fasinations do i now stop to sigh
or even wonder why
my life tody is balck and gloomy or happy and cheery
or just there and unplanned like
californias famous blue sky
no matter the season or month or day or week
my sky just rest above and hides adn provides the pleasures and treasures
that i seek
each days forcast is usually blue
but each days blue
could well be gray or bright yellow to you
life is peace and trumoil
love and hate
heaven and hell
wet and dry

life is all of this yet at the same time
life is still blue sky
in my younger daze sometimes still i pray in silent secret
hidden other tongues
that tomorrows day be not blue sky
rather a disney cartoon
but tomorrow would come adn would bring my way
yea another
blue sky day

(4-28-11, What! Do not tell me I wasn't "deep"!)

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