Thursday, April 28, 2011

When Lucipher dies (from journal entry 12-20-93)

they wonder why we sit in wicked machinations
to overthrow this government
to build a new america
but what we devise is not evil at all

in our eyes when luciper dies
it's wise

for far too long have we felt the heel of his shoe
felt it press hard on our necks
the smell of the ground and the stink of this lands dirt is too familiar
the ants crawl by
look us in the eye
and they say "hi"
and the robins in the sky
we can't see
because they fly too high

but today we decided to stand as we were created
as women and natural man

now, by any means will we achieve what we set out to be
upright thinkers tell and creativity
oh yee of little belief
who mock and spit and laugh at us
let not your minds become pregnant with the thought of holding us back
for years adn years now we've turned cheek after cheek
but you've outlawed our rage adn have raped our meek
see, that new day has come
the sun doesn't shine that same stupid orange it did yesterday
rather today he is a firery red
today if you sick that dog on us we will kill the dog
and the pig who sent the dog
today we will attack

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