Sunday, December 30, 2012

Black people, do better

I just watched the worst YouTube video ever in the history of YouTube videos. Why did I watch so long? Because it was a link on Facebook and the person sharing it said that she had been sick all day but that video made her laugh. I'm such a sucker for the funny. I fell for it and played it. Two men with full on beards were sitting in a car with wigs on and women's clothes talking crazy and calling each other bitches were waiting for one of their "baby daddies" to purchase a blanket from a guy selling things in front of some house. The camera went from the bitch this bitch that conversation of the women to the bartering of the men. The whole thing was rediculous. It ended with baby daddy walking to the car to settle something and the seller running off with baby daddy's EBT card. Yep. What about that would make anyone laugh? How sick was the person who shared this craziness that this blessed her life? Really? Aren't you disgusted just reading my description of the video? Have you ever read me bashing anyone's creativity on my blog ever? No you haven't. I'm usually an if you don't like it just move on and it just wasn't for you type person, but no, not this time.

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