Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hospital with my mother day 6

8:28am. Hospital. This is what I do with my nerves, I write. It's also what I do when I'm relaxed. Go figure. I didn't sleep much at all last night. I'm sleeping in the "big" chair at the hospital next to my mother's bed. It's not very big. It's also not meant for sleeping. We talked last night about how she wants to change her room around when she gets out of here. I did like that. It seemed to light her up too. It's almost 9 and I need to be at work at 12:30. I don't want to leave at all. I want to sit here with her. Even if it means I have this helpless feeling that washes over me when she doesn't feel well. I know she sleeps better when someone is here. Roshann will be here soon. Janice will be here. I am not the only one. We are all in this. There are many praying. You can tell I am nervous. I am babbling. My mom and I suspect that this rash all over my body is not just from the shrimp but from my nerves. Probably. She has been given medication for an upset stomach and is resting now. I will try to rest some too. Keep us in your prayers please. Enjoy your day.

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