Monday, December 31, 2012

Me with my niece Deja

J- What's your favorite sport?

D- Soccer.

J- Why? I thought basketball was your favorite.

D- Because I think I have the best chance at soccer. So...I'm puttin' my heart into soccer. And even if I don't make soccer in high school I still have a chance at basketball.

The first year in high school I'm gonna do travel basketball and play soccer for the school team.

J- What high school you goin' to?

D- Poly.

J- Why?

D- Because they have a good basketball and soccer program and because my mom told me that all the women in the family went to Poly and I wanna continue the tradition.

J- How do you feel about making the team at Hughes as a 6th grader? They don't usually take 6th graders right?

D- I feel good because my brother didn't make it in the 6th grade and that was my goal, to brag in his face.

(She laughs)

J- So what's the plan after high school?

D- I wanna go to Bayler College for basketball reasons. They have a good team. I haven't really thought about soccer in college. that I made my soccer all star team then...

J- How did you feel when your coach called you and told you you made the all star team?

D- I felt surprised but then I also felt like I earned it. Like I deserved to be there.

J- Ok, so what happens after college? What's going on?

D- My career. I'll probably be on the L.A. Sparks.

J- What if sports are out of the question? What are your other interests?

D- Um...acting because I'm good at it. I was working with an acting group and I had the opportunity to try for a commercial but I had a game.

J- Oh, so if you have a game the same day as a commercial...

D- Duh, game no question!

(We laugh)

J- So your last game in San Diego I heard there was a man in the audience taunting you. How was that?

D- I just tuned him out. I didn't listen to him. I play for myself, not for the audience.

J- Could you understand anything he said?

D- Probably, but I didn't pay it any attention.

J- Do you feel like you compete with Reuben a lot?

D- Yeah. I compete with him but to him it's not competition. He makes it look so easy.

J- What do you wanna tell me?

D- About what?

J- Whatever.

D- I don't know.

J- How are you doing in school?

D- Last time I checked I had all A's and one B.

J- What's your favorite subject?

D- Math.

J- Really?

D- Um hum.

J- Why math?

D- It's easy to me. Other subjects it seems like it goes in this ear and comes out the other. God just gave me the gift in math I guess.

J- Remember when you had your second hip surgery and I said "Deja, you gon have to slow down. You wanna be able to walk, don't you?" You remember what you told me?

D- Yep.

J- What?

D- I said "That's ok. If I can't walk I'll just play in the wheelchair Olympics." There's nothing that's gonna keep me from playing something.

J- Go 'head, girl!