Sunday, December 30, 2012

The children. The family. The moments.

Seriously, the children in my life are phenomenal. My son, nephew and niece. I am so proud of each one of them. They are all incredible human beings I would want to know even if I was not related to them. I am so thankful to God for blessing me to know them and even more, share blood with them. I am thoroughly enjoying the moments we share.

Today the family was together again. My sister and I went to church with my mother, which was a surprise to her. After church we went to the house and ate the awesome dinner my brother in law cooked. All present were my mother, sister, brother in law, Uncle Therman, son, neice, me of course, the dog, and then later my nephew joined us from his visit with his friend. My sister played some game with the kids (ok, teenagers) while we watched silly movies on television. The sillier the better. Step Brothers and some other movie just as crazy. I so enjoyed laughing at the foolishness. Together. Playing with the dog. Ok, I don't really play with dogs, but I watched and took pictures. My son finally said it was ok for me to post the photos of him playing with the dog on my blog. "But I'm just playing around with the dog. What's so big about that?" I explained as best as I could that that was the point. That it was just a moment. A beautiful moment that wasn't big or small or sad or drama filled. It was a normal, wonderful moment. Maybe he will never get it. I almost hope he doesn't. I almost hope he never craves to see pictures of moments that are just moments because sad thoughts and anxiety fill his mind. Praise God for moments. And really normal happy times. Oh how I love Christmas break.

It's 9:21 now and I'm at home. About to shower and ready myself for maybe another free write and movie and conversation with Love (who had to work today but was lovingly in my thoughts). Have a wonderful night all. A wonderful night indeed.

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