Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 225 - Forward

I took the sweetest walk today
I am a poet
It was not the sweetest
Though it was sweet and a walk
I felt joy
Or some kind of happiness
Feeling my legs move
Stretch out one in front of the other
The air feather easily down my lungs
My eyes my fingers my whole body
Keenly aware of my surroundings
The children on the schoolyard
The old Mexican woman on the bus stop selling food
I wish I could remember what it was
I should take a Spanish class again
I did pretty well in my classes so many years ago
Learning vowels and requests like
Time and food
Donde esta la biblioteca
Ella es mi hermana
A dog passed me today
I kept walking
I felt some kind of love for the dog
That is odd isn't it
Some kind of love
I have always been so afraid of dogs
All dogs
Size and bark never did matter
Today I was not afraid
I kept walking
I kept hearing sounds and smelling morning air and food
I kept adjusting my shoulder bag
From one arm to the next
I like my things with me
In case I choose to read while I am out
Perhaps take a picture of something peculiar
Write a note
Gloss my lips
Send a text
I don't know
Some poems about nothing
Are the sweetest poems I have


  1. Bravo lady. Powerful. Ya Hollywood Fitness Go2Gurl...Fee King

  2. You say poems about nothing, I say poems about everything

  3. Thank you, Fee! And, I love and appreciate you, Chas!