Thursday, August 15, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 226 - Hallowed be thy name

Free writing is prayer and poetry is spirit
It is space with ears ready to listen
It is wrinkled reaching fingers daring me to love
Anyway always because
It is everywhere and forgiving
It whispers and reminds

Poetry is vault that will hold my secrets safe
Until I am ready to unshatter the slavery of my remembering
I can say anything
Do you have a friend like that

My grandmother used to end her prayers in the sweet name of Jesus
To ensure they broke the clouds
I understand
Why waste blood words of whispered chatter
Only for God to turn a deaf ear
We feed the mouth of our devotion with practice
I get it
Poetry will hear me if I end my stanza in the name of Alice Walker
And so will God
I know

Goddess bless
Goddess forgive
Goddess keep me near the cross
Forever connected to knowing Your will
To speaking Your love
Father correct me
Father save my life
Mother rub my head and strenthen my feet
How You wipe 'way my tears and curl my mouth into smile
You happy my heart and pretty my face

O Mother/Father thank You for words
To shapeshift into prayer
Thank You for thump
For pound inside my heart
Turn these verbs into vapors
Sprayed 'cross my bed
So I sleep
So I dream
So I write
So I alive like You created me to

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