Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 231 - Dear Uraeus

If you should become a writer
Or storyteller of any kind
I wish you space and freedom to tell your story 
As open and free as the sky
Even if you are just telling yourself
Say everything
Empty yourself of words
Protect no one from your truth
You have my full permission
Not that you need it granted 
To tell our stories
The ones that were created by us
The ones between us
Say what you will about me
Just free yourself
All the stories inside you deserve air
No human worth her DNA has lived a perfect life
No mother has gone without making mistakes
I have made mine
In the effort of my life
In the struggle to stay alive
To keep us alive
For your happiness and mine
For my own self
I am satisfied with this
With the immense love I have for you
That has never and will never disappear
Let your story spill
All out past the formality
Cross the red lines into the margins
Write on the desk if you have to
Write on the wind
The stars
Write right through the heavens you were named after
Keep writing 
Keep speaking your truth
Keep living and creating your life
With your words

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