Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am that I am and so are you

On my walk this morning I found a mirror. A large mirror that comes up to maybe my neck, my chin if I am standing and goes out from my hips to my calves if I am sitting. It was laying against a tree less than a block away from my home. Calling me. Calling me. At just the right time. A time like now when I am ready to love and appreciate myself as I should. Ready to remember myself for who I am. Someone loving and beautiful. Kind and generous. Imperfect and human and sincere. Gigantically aware of the oneness of all humanity. I carried this mirror home. It was heavy in just the right way. The heavy made it worth it. Like I worked for the right to see myself this fully every day. Like I get to stretch my vision of the world as I fall and rise more in love with myself. Because what can I teach you about love and my love for you if I refuse to see myself in the same crystal light? How you gonna believe me when I delcare my love for you when I am running from my own harmless reflection? I am beautifully scarred. Humanly afraid. Brave as an angel. Fly as someone born straight from God. That is who I am. That is who you are.

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