Monday, August 26, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 238 - poem 2 - Loving me easy again

I am stronger than I thought I was
I am braver than before
I am more beautiful than I dreamed
I am courageous and forgiving
I am all these words
All this paint
These colors splashed easy up my skin
I am so much sun
Higher than I could climb
Look how far I fly
Way the clouds open up
See how red
How pink
How blue
Feel all this fight I have inside of me
I am so people
So one
So connected to Source so good

I am so student
So learn
So digest
How does that make you feel
That I study so well so much

I am so safe
So protected
So resting in the palm of God's hands

Need me
I want you to need me
All this love I have to share and give away for good

Let's verb together all night
Let's say all the words we have
Spill all out on the floor
The first to survive the night
Is the winner of the hearts

Can you see how easy it is for me
To fall in love all over again
With the woman I have become

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