Monday, August 19, 2013

Plenty good room

I wish we could see that there is so much work to do on this planet and that we don't have to all fix it in the same way. I am tired of people trying to out revolution someone else. There is room enough for us to work where we are called. Go and fight injustice where you will be served best, is how I feel. We do not all belong in the streets with guns. We just do not. We do not all belong behind pulpits or podiums or ink pens for that matter. Who am I, as an artist, a woman, a mother who uses her voice and art and heart to further love, forgiveness and healing, to end separation, violence and stigma to say that your work is not enough, because it is not mine? Who are any of us to measure? Heal and let others heal. Some will cause positive change for masses of people at a time and others will impact one blessed soul after another. Go, beloved and do your thing. Fight your fight. Feed hungry, house the homeless, write a book, cure a disease, build a bridge, educate a child, donate to a shelter, help an old lady cross a street, stay on the phone with a friend who feels hopeless, save the whales. There is room for all of us to build a better tomorrow.

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