Monday, August 26, 2013

Thankful for Red Stories

Red Stories blesses my life! It just does, every month. I am so thankful to all who came out. To Thea Monyee for being such an amazing feature. To Reverdia and Edwin for opening. To Food and Socks for letting me host the show at Vibrations. I am thankful for such a great night.

Already I am looking forward to next month. Nspire and I will be featuring together. September is my birthday month and I will celebrate by being a co feature at my show. I hope you all can make it.  It's at Vibrations 2435 Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, CA.

I feel so great. I really do. Part of me, that is. On another note, I heard some news about a friend whose name is and will be sewn into my thoughts and prayers. She knows who she is. I will keep her name safe from the spill of my life as her health is her business to tell. (But if you are reading, I love you and will keep you lifted high in my love and concern.)

Mentally I am feeling incredibly even. I love this me. Laura said the same thing about me last night. We went to get something to eat after the show. She said she loved the me I am now. I understood. I know that it hasn't been the easiest time for my very close friends lately. In addition to them dealing with their own lives they were available to me with ear and shoulder. Feeling helpless, I assume, much of the time. I am here because of their prayers too. Their love and friendship and dedication to my wholeness. I love them.

It's almost 2:00am and I am thankfully sleepy. Maybe it's the meds, maybe it's not, but something is working. I have a very full day later on. Enjoy yourselves. I intend to.

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