Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hear ye. Hear ye.

Went to court with a friend today. I wish we lived in a time when the law was set up to protect women. I wish there was ever a time the law gave a damn about the safety of women. I wish verbal harrassment was taken as seriously as physical harrassment. I wish judges did not tell women to come back if he puts his hands on you. I wish women were safe inside of their homes. I wish I could snap my fingers and it would all be different.

The case ahead of my friend's case was a young white woman who was there because another woman had broken into her home with a crow bar. Is that how you spell it? Is that what it is? A crow bar? Doesn't that sound evil? To barge into someone's home with a crow bar. The crow bar holder did not show up so the restraining order was granted to the white woman with the bun in her hair and cooking school uniform and black ugly shoes and checkered blue and white pants. I remember details. I just do. But not my friend's. Her order was not granted because no one damaged her property and threatened her with a crow bar. A crow bar. Crow. Bar. So now I don't know whether to celebrate that her order was denied or not.

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