Thursday, October 9, 2014

Free write from yesterday

It's 12:32 and I'm sitting in this hot ass car in front of the school because for some reason I fucking arrive everywhere fucking early. My class doesn't start until 1:15 and I live about twenty minutes away. Whatever.

Today is my first day back to school since that asshole substitute. Maybe I'll talk about that later. I dunno. He was such a douche!

I'm a little pissed that I had an appointment with doctor last Monday but got a call last Friday changing my appointment to this coming Friday, then got another call changing the appointment to next Monday. Fuck! Will somebody please tell these professionals that this shit is not professional?!

I'm creating a good class today in my mind. This is not my favorite class, but it is my favorite class to teach. Make that make sense to you. I love each of my classes for different reasons and each of my classes get on my fucking nerves for different reasons.

Today, these are my brightest students. Not that I get to be the judge of brightness (like that even makes sense). What I mean is that they are creative and good writers. Some of them though, including the most creative, talk to damn much! But hey.

I don't feel like it today. I really, really, don't. But knowing that these are the students I'm working with make it easier.

Welp, time to get out of this car and go see why the fuck there are so many cop cars in front of the school. This time.

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