Sunday, November 9, 2014

For Saturday, November 8, 2014

It's 2:07 pm and I am at the Barnes and Noble in Bakersfield with Uraeus. My wonderful son. We were just eating at Marie Calendar's when the apartment manager from the last apartment I applied for called. It sounded good. It, our conversation. It, his tone and the numbers. It, the location. All the its. I'm always nervous applying for things. My internal "You're not worthy" conversation shows up.

I didn't get the last apartment I applied for. My precious credit. Rather, my not so precious credit. Who talks about these things? Dear son, grandchildren, great great grands, keep your credit good. It matters.

I was bummed about not getting the last place, but you know the saying, "When one door closes, another one opens." This place is smaller but I do get a parking space, it's a smaller building (which I like), and it's $175 cheaper. Please pray. I'm praying for the perfect, divine, right space for me right now. My nerves and patience and I want this to be it. I'll know on Monday. I'll let you know.

It's 2:21 and Uraeus informed me that he is going into the store next door to use the restroom because the guy in this restroom has been in there for five minutes already and apparently shit stinks.

I thought he was coming down to L.A. today but it didn't work out like that so I came up to spend the day with him. That's cool. I missed him. Haven't seen him in weeks and that ain't cool for me. He looks so grown and handsome. We're planning on seeing a movie after this. Who knows how long we will be here? Uraeus tends to take his time in the bookstores. He's not even back from the restroom next door. And so far he's only selected two books. It looks like we will be here a minute.

I planned to go to a woman's writing group tonight at five but that's probably not gonna be happening.

This older white man is sitting at the table next to me probably talking to some younger relative about money. Sounds like his money. "I know what I'm doing. I've been doing this a long time." I heard that. Love the way he keeps cutting the person short with "Okay, you have a good time!" He said that like three times.

2:30 and Uraeus is back from next door store's restroom. I'll be here another few hours unless he can find a movie he wants to see. What do I care? I love hanging out with him. I'm especially thankful right now for friends who make my life easier. Specifically Friend who has been a blessing.

Send your prayers up for my new place, y'all.

3:25 pm and alas we got out of the bookstore in under five hours. Secretly I'm proud to have a son who loves books so much. But still.

My son has some handsome feet with his flip flop wearing self. Them toes need to be did doe! So we're at the nail shop. Yep. Mamas don't let you boys have poorly manicured feet.

The time goes by so quickly but I'm glad we spent the time we spent together today. I can't wait to see his senior pictures. He told me that his initial pose was with all of his hair in his face but the photographer said, "I'm also a mom so you have to get that hair out of your face." It takes a village. Uraeus is handsome anyway, but when he pulls the mounds of hair out of his face and shows off those big, beautiful eyes you just wanna melt. Seriously. Once I asked him why he didn't wear his hair out of his face more often and he said, "Mom, they have to work for my forehead." Um...okay?

4:01 pm and this fancy pedicure session is wrapping up. He doesn't want to see a movie. I'll be dropping him off at home and on my way back to L.A. soon. Perhaps I'll make the last few minutes of the class. We'll see. Mostly I got to love up on my son today in the time we had. Next weekend is his birthday weekend. I was booked to perform in Connecticut but canceled it because I just don't want to be out of town on his birthday weekend. There will be other shows. he doesn't even know what he wants to do for his birthday, but spending time with him on the weekend he turns seventeen years old is going to bring me so much joy.

Jesus be a fence around my boy. Keep him safe and in Your protection.

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