Friday, November 28, 2014

It's 5:03 pm and I am in Long Beach at my mom's house. Resting. Finally resting. Got up early this morning. Slept on the living room couch last night and you can guess what kind of rest that was. Although I was and am incredibly thankful to have my family here and around me. Didn't want to go back home. Living room couch with family all around was blessing. Was love. Woke up super early this morning for a photo shoot about an hour away. Got to the city early to spot locations and got a great one. Had a great time with a friend I rarely get to see. She's on her way back home to Texas tomorrow and who knows when I'll see her again. That's the blessing of photography. Was lovely being with my camera again. It's been in the shop a while.

It's nap time. Uraeus is enjoying his cousin in the other room. I am enjoying hearing them talk and laugh. Had a wonderful time last time with my son, nephew, niece and mom on a ride to the game store last night, even though it was closed. The children in the back seat talked about the pros and cons of capitalism and whether or not minimum wage should be raised. 8th, 11, and 12th graders discussing. Music. Just music.

Nap time. It's nap time now.

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