Sunday, August 6, 2017

Happy Sunday all. Yes I started to get up and go to Agape this morning. No it didn't happen. Maybe next Sunday. Maybe not. We'll see. I did go to the park again today though. I didn't stay long. I was hoping I would get some writing done but I mostly just scrolled through Facebook and enjoyed the fresh air. Sometimes the words come. Sometimes they don't. My good days outweigh my bad days.

On another note, it's hot in this apartment even with the ac blowing. Not sure if it's the ac or my menopause. These hot flashes ain't a joke. Oh, and here's some news. I'm off my meds until the end of the month. I don't have any refills at the pharmacy and I was late to my appointment when you miss your appointment and they give you refills. So...I have to wait until I see my doctor. Actually I probably don't HAVE to wait. There is probably another appointment I could get with the missed appointment people but I think I'll be ok until the end of the month. It's coming soon. Oh, that will most likely be my last appointment with my doctor. She is retiring in September. I feel some kinda way every time I think about that. She's so great! I hope I get another great one.

Nothing big is going on around here. I'm still just trying to keep the commitment I made to myself to post every day. I don't know if I can or really want to or not. Let's see. Let's also see if I can squeeze a poem out before the day is through. I haven't really been writing lately. Just some stream of consciousness words and stories I post on FB. I've posted some of them here too. Just trying to keep myself exercised. I haven't written anything I have to wrestle with in awhile. You know what I mean? When you work and fight for the perfect line and metaphors. You know. I know you do.

This post is a mess. I know it is. Stay with me though loves. Stay with me. Oh, I saw the funniest meme of FB today. It said "I hate poetry. I'd rather read my divorce papers." Even I thought that was funny and I love poetry. Some poetry.

Anyway, like I said, nothing going on but the rent (hopefully) around here. Uraeus is resting and I am about to dive more into a book I started a couple of days ago written by friends of mine. A married couple I know who wrote a book called INTERNAL BALANCE, Would You Marry You? It's interesting so far. I'm reading it because they wrote it and I love them. I am not looking to get married again. I don't think. Maybe I will feel different about that when I finish the book. The question of would you marry you is really interesting though. I don't know if I would marry me. I am a good person though. I let you know more about the book when I get deeper into it.

Have an amazing evening all. Love and peace.

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