Friday, August 4, 2017

Hello everyone. Not posting much today. Just came on because I'm trying to be more consistent. Even when I don't have much to say.

So Uraeus did have an appointment with the doctor today but it was not with his cardiologist which is what I thought. It was with his regular doctor. That's cool. He sees heart doctor next month. Uraeus is doing much better though. Hasn't had a big spell since we went to the emergency the last time. He said he has had seconds worth of irritation but it comes and goes away very quickly. I'm still praying. Always.

Also, I didn't go to my writing park today. That's what I call it. My writing park. It's the park where I do guess what? Right. After we came from the doctor we went to our corners and did what we do. Read, check the computer, YouTube...The cable is off which has proved to be more a blessing because we know we don't NEED it. I couldn't afford it really. Every month I was looking around for the same $150 I was giving the cable company. Oh well, we have plenty of DVDs to watch if we just HAVE to look at something on the TV, which we don't. Neither of us watched it much anyway. It was watching us mostly. One day though. One day. But for now we are some reading and computer folks around here.

And me, well I'm doing all right. I have the same worries I usually have. The rent is never easy. Work picks up next month. Hallelujah. Trying to keep my head above water. Repeating the Good Times theme song to myself. You know. Stuff. Life stuff.

That's it. Maybe more tomorrow. Love y'all. I do.

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