Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's 12:16 and I am at home. I got home late and didn't get much sleep last night. I woke up late this morning. I have been walking / hiking on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a friend at the park at 6:30 am. I haven't been very consistent because 6:30 is a bit early for me. I planned to go this morning but when I woke up it was already 6:30 and I would be too late. I missed it. I'm sure he thinks I'm flaking because I missed Tuesday as well. Oh well.

I went to the Stage last night. V and Myshell rode with me. When we got there V got out of the car to set up but Myshell and I stayed in the car and talked. We had a good conversation and we talked so much we missed half of the show. I needed the conversation though.

I know I'm skipping around a lot but y'all know how crazy I run this blog. Transition statements for what? After I realized I missed my walk with Isaac this morning I went back to sleep. As I said before I didn't get much of it last night. I woke up pretty late. Uraeus was up early cooking so that woke me up for a minute. Then went back to sleep. The heaviness was there when I woke up. I have so much to do. When I don't teach summer school then summers are hard for me. Really hard financially. This summer is no different. I wasn't offered a summer position this year so I only had my local gigs and my in home care business as income. Those two never cover all of my needs around here so things are slow and backed up. Thankfully my rent is not due until the middle of the month. The 15th. So I have a few more days to come up with the rest of what I need. I pray I have it. If not, I pray my landlord is cool. He usually is because there are some months I pay rent three months in advance so when I need a break here and there he does give it to me. I just don't like being late. What else was I saying? Oh, the heaviness. Well it's there. Part of it is due to the depression, mostly I think due to me not being on meds for so long and some due to me worrying about my rent. I hate not paying bills. Anyway, I'm managing the best I know how. Myshell said something last night in our conversation about how she can tell when I'm on my meds. She said that it seems like I'm not all the way there like I'm so "subdued." I think she's right. That's how I feel. Subdued. Not a word I use but accurate. I feel doped up. I think that's one reason I go off of them from time to time. I need to feel more myself. I do notice that things are funnier and I laugh more when I'm not on meds. The down side is that I'm sad more often too. I feel everything. The good and the bad. The meds help bring things to an even keel.

Thankfully I don't have to see my client until 2:00 today. I really love working in the afternoons. I try to schedule all of my appointments around that time. It is also good for when Uraeus is in school because I am able to give him rides to school. I know he's grown and everything but I still try to keep him off the bus as much as I can.

Ok, I'm just babbling now. I'm going to check out but I'll post again later. Have a great day y'all. Love yourselves.

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