Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Somebody bring me a river. Bring me an ocean, a lake. Some water I can walk into and clean myself and come out only if I want to. Somebody tell me what you know about carrying this kind of weight. Not these hips these thighs this stomach. I'm talking about this skin. This black this woman. Tell me how you feel when you see this body done wrong. Somebody bring me a hole to crawl into. One that's made just for me. Where I can use it when holding my stress and yours too get too ...much for me. Where somebody at? Somebody to grease this scalp and lotion these legs. Come through somebody. Come through. Somebody bring me a pen. I can write down all I want to say so don't nobody forget. Come through somebody. Somebody tall or short, fat or skinny, with freckles or without. Somebody with some get up and get ready. Somebody with some act right about theyself. Come through somebody. See these scars. I been here before. Was a wolf and a bear, a bee and a tree. I put in all types of work. I just want to rest now. Come through somebody. Come hold my hand while I fall asleep.

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