Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Today in the park the lady with all the dogs was there. Pushing her sons in the double stroller. Wearing her heels. Like this is a runway. Like this is the Beverly Center. Like her feet are her business. A woman sitting on a blanket with her toddler daughter told her to take her fucking shoes off. Like she couldn't say that a better way. The man threw a football with his son. I think it was his son. They had the same pale skin. The same bow legs. What difference does it make?... Today in the park the woman backing up almost hit the man driving forward. He had to swerve to avoid a wreck. Story of my life I thought. Story of my life. All this swerving I do. All the wrecks I avoided. Ones I been in too. The poet, the comedian, the office manager, the model. All the wrecks. The lessons. Today in the park a flag was waving. I'm all like waving for me? For my people? For the toddler and her fucking shoes? A boy chased a girl. A mother pushed her child on the swing. Today is just a regular Monday. Nothing special about this park except the pine cones are bigger than others. But I need moments like this. Just watching. The dog chase the boy. The baby go down the slide. The breeze hit my cheek. Hear the ladies laugh. This is how I ready for tonight. Tomorrow. For my life.

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