Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear Roshann (from Bubba's journal - Tuesday, January 28, 1992)

My dearest niece, how are you coming along? Normally, I would use the space that I am now writing on to apologize to you for taking so long to drop you a line. However, thanks to the level of growth that has been achieved, resulting from our correspondences, that has become unnecessary. You are one of, at least, four people that I seriously correspond with through the mail. I have neglected them all over the past many weeks, because for me to write a letter, I must be "in the mood." The "mood" just hit me, and you are first on the list, that is, the most important.

I know that your first "return" home, as far as enjoyment is concerned, left a lot to be desired. This is quite the norm for people being away from home for the first time. Usually, their expectations are unrealistic. The remainder of your returns, I will guarantee you, will be much more enjoyable. You will see to that, for you will make the necessary adjustments. You are my "baby." And these are simple words of encouragement and understanding to a strong, growing and beautiful, young lady. Stay focused. Study hard. Learn. It is all about, and up to, YOU.

Robyn is quite excited about returning to school, which is wonderful. Her renewed interest and enthusiasm is a direct result of the admirable effort that you are putting forth in becoming all that you can be. It is always a rewarding experience to realize that you are having a positive influence on the lives of others, and you are. But back to Robyn. She and I, like you and I are finding that there is quite a lot of room for us to grow together. I find it all very interesting.

Although I am writing this letter on January 28, 1992, I will refrain from mailing it until I am able to put a little money in it. This may take a week, or more. I, of all people, know how precious a letter is to one in your circumstance(prison), and I also know how precious money is. So, I think that you might understand and appreciate my holding on to this letter for a few days in order to make it "complete." I'll sign off now, and finish this page when I get the money.


Thursday, February 6, 12:00pm

I draw your attention to the time of day on the line above because I know that you will recognize that writing a letter at this time is a tremendous departure from my rigidly regular schedule. Being home at this time, even, is out of the ordinary. I'm here awaiting a phone call from my social worker. the message that she will have for me is that I should come to the county building to pick up my check. So, in the meantime, I think that it is a good idea to finish this letter to you.

While you were here, we briefly discussed your freshly-discovered interest in real estate. We agreed that it was well worth pursuing. My reason for mentioning it now is because I want to point out that I support your reasoning on this issue.

You correctly realize that the bottom line is money, the most possible. You also know that the degree that you are working for is extremely important, because it represents higher income in the long run. Real estate may be studied incidentally as you earn your degree, but it may very likely become your primary pursuit after graduation because of its lucrativeness. My point is that I admire you for keeping your options open. You are very special, and you are wisely concerned about the feelings of those close to you, perhaps to a fault. I'm trying to encourage you to think more about Roshann's interest and to place more value in your ability to decide what is best for Roshann. I am, if not your most, one of your most ardent and loyal supporters. You can do no wrong in my book, as long as it is nothing but a mistake.

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