Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hanson's Market Crew (from Bubba's journal)

For the first time, I am going to observe and analyze the group of humans that "hang-out" around Hanson's Market on 20th Street and Atlantic Avenue as a group.

Of course, sub-dividing this group based on varying criteria is essentially what we'll be engaging ourselves in. For instance, we will be able to subdivide the group on the basis of "attendance," who shows up there everyday as opposed to those who "just drop by occasionally." Of those who show up daily, is there a difference in the number of hours that they spend there, and if so, what type of difference do these differing hours make? Are some hours worth more than others? In other words, are there "quality hours" if you will? Can the group be sub-divided on the basis of interests, values, concerns, etc.? If so, how significant are these differences? Do they amount to "conflicting interests?" These are only a few of the questions that we will be dealing with.

As this project proceeds, as we organize and reorganize the data collected, an outline of a hierarchy should be simultaneously making its appearance. Giving rise to the asking of such consequent questions as, "What qualities do they respect, and why? How do these things benefit the welfare of the group?"

Throughout the gathering of this info and the countless variety of times and ways in which it is utilized, we shall keep our eyes on the development of a profile.

On this "set," predominately there are two basic groups of people; drug abusers and alcohol abusers. Of course, like everything else is real life, it isn't that simple. For example, many of the drug users also use alcohol. To put it better, many of the drug abusers also have an alcohol problem, and would therefore hold membership in both groups.

Within the drug using group, which we shall refer to as group "d" henceforth, the dominate drug of choice is heroin, preferably with some cocaine in powdered form, mixed with it, to be taken intravenously. Also to be found, in very small number, are those who would choose to smoke "rock" cocaine over the mixture mentioned above. And we have the intravenous user who also enjoys smoking cocaine, and he may, in addition, like his alcohol.

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