Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not sharing (from Bubba's journal - Monday, November 6, 1989)

Today I was asked by a friend in desperate need, to lend him the use of my "outfit." There were several other "users" present. I refused to let him use it. Just a couple of days prior to this incident, he ha requested the same favor from me. On that occasion, after seriously admonishing him and explaining to him that I did not share my outfit with anyone, I gave him a "spare" that I happened to have with me for him to keep. And I reminded him of that episode as I refused to let him use it in the present situation.

He appeared to be shocked by my refusing him when he finally realized how serious I was. Shocked and angry. What's more is that the others present seemed to share his sentiments. They all appeared to feel that my action was unreasonable; that I was being "chicken shit," despite the fact that they were all aware, each of them, of my long-standing policy of non-sharing. These circumstances deserve a closer look.

Clearly these ultimate emotions of shock and anger were the result of disappointment being allowed to progress and mature. Disappointment because they expected me to relent, as I have in the past.

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