Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Note (from Bubba's journal)

Taking advantage of this opportunity to say hello to you, even in this unorthodox manner, proves to be irresistible. My brother, Herman understandably has reservations about being party in this. How could he know that you were one of my favorite teachers? In all probability he feels that you don't even remember me. I have, as a matter of necessity, authorized him to read this note. It was the only way I could get him to deliver it. He had to make certain that this was a simple note of greeting.

I am "Bubba" Davis. In the school year 1955-1956, I was one of your 9th grade students at Franklin Jr. High School. In fact, I was in two of your classes. You taught me English and Drama.

Your roommate also taught me that school year. She was my Glee Club teacher.

In the event that you fail to remember me by name, I hope that the additional information provided will ring a bell. If you do not remember me, it will only prove that you are human. If, on the other hand, you should remember me, then through Herman, send me a verbal return greeting.

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