Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's almost time for Red Stories 4

Today I did what? What? More promotions for Red Stories. I should write a reality show called Jaha's World where I have a camera with me all on the bus and whatchin' me slang cds on paypal via Facebook. If I really had a hidden camera on the bus it would be uber funny, but I wouldn't want to do that to my bus peoples.

It's almost time for Red Stories 4 and I've been promoting a lot. I'm getting confirmations and I really hope the show and turnout is great. Each month I learn more and more to make the next one easier. I'm paying attention to the lessons and the shows are getting easier. I just have to stay on top of the promotions. Every single day. Seriously every hour.

Today I had a photoshoot with Alice The Poet. I just love her so much! Talk about a peaceful, beautiful spirit! I had one idea about the shoot and she had another. She's the customer so she one, but she did agree to my idea for some other time. I'm hopeful. She wanted outdoorsy, jungle, natrue feel. That's usually what I like too but with Alice I wanted to do some black and white shots of her in her home. Plants, those long beautiful locks, her watering her plants, cooking, being the nature lady she is. But the shoot was easy. That was my main goal. When she told me that she wasn't used to taking pictures I knew that's what I wanted for her. Easy.

I had the perfect spot in mind. I called Tatiana and asked her if I could shoot in her backyard and Sam called me back and said "I heard you wanna kill somebody in my yard?" Love it!

The yard was perfect. I don't know names of flowers and plants and trees but they were all there. Pink, purple, green, blue. Lovely. It was my honor to do the shoot with her today. If you're reading this, Thank you Alice, I love you!

Now the fun part, editing.

A lot going on this week. Rent. Red Stories. Other stuff.

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