Monday, July 1, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 181 - Cheers

To the moment
To myself for holding hope for tomorrow
For being brave enough to show up for today
To art
To poetry
To thoughts drifting to pink and bunnies
Here's to reminding myself over and over
To focus on the now
Here's to the now
Here's to my chin above water

Shout out to silence
To meditation on easy
To not knowing what the end gon be
Here's to my feet ever step by stepping it
Worry is a choice
Fear is an option
Worry and fear are never far away
Don't doubt my faith
You don't know me like that

Wouldn't take nothin' for my journey now
But some socks for my feet
A new basket for the hospital bills
You don't know nothin' 'bout how I press on

I am enough for right now
I have enough for this moment
Don't mind me
I am reminding myself

I am a swimmer
I am a survivor

I am a prayer
I am a whisper
I am a tear
I am Almond Joy at the checkout stand
I have no limitations

Let me tell you how to be my friend
Let me tell you how to hold my hand and just get me
Let me tell you you don't have to have words to say
Let me tell you I am afraid
Let me tell you I know how to breathe
Let me tell you how courageous I am

Here's to the woman in my mirror
To Spirit who connects me to all
Here's to Force
To my feet on the ground
Hallelujah for the pillow under my head

Prayers for a quiet mind to sleep
For a cool bed on a hot night and a sheet over my shoulder
This is for this breath
For the concern in my gait
The heavy in my listening

This is for the layers
That I am


  1. jaha, you have done it again!!! I remain amazed...

  2. Oh my sister! I needed this today. Was about to give up. Thanks for the reminder..."I am enough for right now. I have enough for this moment." Thank you for being YOU and sharing all of YOU with the world. Much love!