Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 183 - Say my name

Wrap a whisper for me
One of your whispers
Soft and bold as lily
Bow and ribbon as birthday
Gift me your breath on my neck
Thick lipped and forgiving
Your eyelashes flutter my chin
Save my life again
My ear on your chest
Tongue taste your skin
Warm my fingers with your thighs
I mouth you my reasons
We can sit here
And never speak
Just think me your love
I have forgotten love
Connected nipples
And night laughter about the nothing
What it is like to hand hold
And bite
And wrestle for cover 
In the middle of the morning
Speak softly to me
Remind me the ways
You say my name
Backwards and forth
Remember my knees
Way we sat in the dirt and the imprint of rocks on my legs
Like your fingers 
Pulled grass and picked petals
Kiss me again
Way you did before 
Except different this time
Suck lies from my teeth
Hold me until you feel like letting go
I will be here
Wading the wave of your timber
Falling for me

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  1. classic jaha - niceeeeee whats up, girl