Sunday, July 28, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 208 - Tag

My feelings are hurt mostly
I thought this friendship meant something
I thought it was a something that was real as ocean
As moon
As tide
That would swell and fade
But at least always be there
This is not a loss I am used to
This will take process
And then I will be over it
This is not boyfriend, lover, sex loss
This is friend, sister, confidant
This is vault loss
I am numb
I am naive
I am not understanding
Even still
The quiet and concern in your face
The love in your hearing
The wrap in your arms when I tell you
My day
These moments
My life
And then the cruel of your tongue
How my secrets slip easy from your fingers
I do not understand your teasing lips
About me
About my family
That was the word
Between you and your sons
It's my fault
For not seeing this before
I see you
Now I see you
You could have come to me
I could have handled your anger
You were messy in my life
You were sloppy with my loved ones
I didn't know I had to protect my circle from you
I didn't know I had to protect my family from you
I see you
I see you now
And I am sorry that
This is who you are

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