Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A poem a day for 2013 - day 210 - Morning prayer

Thank You, Mother / Father God
Who is merciful and kind
Who is forgiving and knowing and remembering
Thank You for life
For sun
For grass
For wind
Thank You for morning
For home
For friends
Thank You for family
For my son
His smile
His loving heart
His compassionate spirit
His easy way
Please bless him this day
With joy
With Your protection
Your grace
Thank You for blessing me to be of service to others
And so in service to You
I am never outside of Your reach
Outside of Your knowing
Of Your forgiveness
I call on You now
To guide my tongue
To water my anger
Thank You for this new day
This chance to again again
To love where I held hate
To change where I stayed the same
To be thankful
Thank You
For knowing my heart
Enough to see
Yourself, the trees, the sea, all of Your creation
Inside of me

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