Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear Brad from Long Beach / Caller you say whaaaaatttt??

Listening to KTLX 1150am host David Cruz. A caller just said that the only reason Zimmerman is on trial is because someone saw the last name Zimmerman and thought he was white and the victim is black and brought race into something that had nothing to do with race. This is wrong and evil and ridiculous. This statement also assumes way too much. It assumes that even though Zimmerman's mother is Mexican, that Zimmerman identifies as such. It also assumes that all "minorities" are in the same we are the (minority) world group and on some us against the man jive. When it comes to black people, you wanna know who hates us? Everybody! That's who. Race always had something to do with it.

The caller said that Zimmerman should never have been on trial. Well, really? Nothing should happen after an unarmed boy is dead on the ground and a grown man with a gun who stalked him and was advised against stalking, is free? Nothing should happen? Ok caller. Ok. The caller goes on to say that "We have the best justice system in the world." White folks say that but they don't believe it. Rather, they believe it when it is comfortable for them. If we have the best justice system in the world then why are they still on O.J.? He was found not guilty, right? By your court. Right?

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