Saturday, July 20, 2013

Prayers for the woman shot in the head and killed last night on the 500 block of 95th Street (near Figeuroa) in Los Angeles. She was walking with her friend when four males pulled up next to her and killed her. SOMEBODY KNOWS SOMETHING. This is our city! We are responsible for what happens in it! There will be no marches. Her name may never be publicized. Her face may not be pictured on news. Her killers may never be found. Police may even stop looking. She mattered. We matter. All of us who want to walk our own streets matter. The people who witnessed this and are in shock, or worse, "not surprised" and numb matter. 

Triggered by this post? Me too. Maybe that's what we need, to be triggered enough to be collectively creative and active enough to take our streets back. This did happen to you. Because it happened to her. 

Good morning.

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