Monday, July 15, 2013

Race matters

  • Sarah Oliver I don't want to be a barer of bad news and I don't want to make light that trayvon is dead, but he wasn't the perfect little kid they showed in those elementary school pictures on the news, he was on suspension from school for drug charges and was buying the exact items needed to make "drank". Look at both sides of the story and this case followed the law, not just in Florida. The jury needed beyond reasonable doubt that Zimmerman went with the intentions to kill him and I don't believe when he got out of the car he planned on killing him. This isn't a case based on race, you and everyone else is making it that. Posting all day won't bring him back and it won't change laws that are there to protect innocent people. Look at the facts and stop dwelling on this. Most normal people would have walked away from this situation that happened a year ago but it escalated into a fight.

  • Jaha Zainabu Sarah, you do want to be the barer of bad news. Or you would have simply not posted anything and left us to our grieving. None of what you said even matters. This is a case based on race. Your statement about drank is even based on race. You want us to stop dwelling on this why? Because our dwelling makes you uncomfortable? If you don't like our dwelling go somewhere else. Go tell your people to stop giving us things to dwell upon. I'll wait.

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  1. go tell your people to stop giving us something to dwell on.... YES MA'AM...