Sunday, July 21, 2013


I'm tired of white feminist poets posting about how they are uncomfortable posting statements about race because's uncomfortable. Because well they..."just don't know what to say." Because well they aren't "African-American and don't think it's right." But these are the same women who have everything to say about everything else. I'm not gay but I sure use my voice and poetry speaking  and advocating for equal rights. I scream bloody fuck no on gay bashing in any way. Why? Because gay bashing is not a gay problem, it's a human problem. And really, if you don't know what to say then how about saying the truth about how you feel? This keeps happening. Is an ugly cycle. The circle will spin and the outrage over the Zimmerman verdict will blow over and we will be back to talking about our issues again. Rape, violence against women, homosexual discrimination. And these are issues. Painful, complicated issues. The point? The point is that ally means ally. My voice with you. Your voice with me.

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