Friday, July 12, 2013

The goodnight free write

I was down earlier. In a swirl, fog, haze, spiral. I went to InkSlam tonight at Greenway Arts Alliance and heard some brilliant poetry. Walked in as Donny was beginning the excerpt of his show, an all women group after that. A break where I got to hug faces of folks I love. Ran into V Kali, thankfully. A poetry slam after that. Shout out to Ed Mabrey for winning the slam. Special nods to Edwin Bodney, second place and to Yesika Starr who was incredible, and sold me a copy of her book tonight that I can't wait to read. All this to say, I'm feeling much better now. Better in my head, where better counts. Time to rest now. And love myself. I'm ending like everything with and live myself because sometimes I need reminding. Often really.

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