Sunday, June 15, 2014

A ballad a day for June 2014 - day 15 - For my father

You are not gone I keep telling myself
I keep telling myself
Keep telling myself

Because if you were gone then how would I see you
How would I see
See you like I do

Reach out take my hand
Reach out tell my you love me like you used to
You used to

Sit me on your knee make me laugh like you did before
You made me laugh
You did before

Go back in times with me
Tell me stories I wouldn't listen to before
Make me laugh again

You are not gone
Remember no such thing as gone
No such a thing

Touch my face and call me your daughter
Way you did before
You did before

Who will love me like you
Who can call my name like you
Say words I believe like you

You are not gone
You so right here
So right here

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