Monday, June 2, 2014

A ballad a day for June 2014 - day 2 - Off paper

You loved me like a framed Mona Lisa on a wall
Not the flesh in front of you, that's not who I am at all
These crooked feet walk concrete and not soft grass
These palms and fingers tried to tear an ugly past

I am not a perfect being
But then you could already see
Oh darling you knew
And neither were you

You held me like a Basquiat, scattered and priceless
I could not live on a museum wall, lonely and frightened
Bulging eyes and permanent smile
My flaming blood missing attention all the while

Did you love the idea of me
This poet that I am
Did I love your strong arms
Without your tender eyes attached

Will we ever know
Like moon above that glows
Like water way below
Only faith can tell us so

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