Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A ballad a day for June 2014 - day 3 - Again

(This is the song in my head. The line breaks are not traditional I know but communicate the pauses in the song. I'm new at this, give me a break.)

My friend
Can we meet on top of the hill and talk
Will you put your hand atop my chest
Feel the muscle beating underneath my skin again
Can you feel blood rushing in my veins
Put your palm cross my forehead
Your fingers on my lips
Darling can you hear
What my ego fears

My friend
Can we meet in the dirt behind the field
Will you reach and hold my hand
See my legs strong and ready to run to you
See my arms spread broad and free
Let you eyes meet mine
Darling o darling
These words I have for you to hear
What my ego fears

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