Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Boy, bye!

I read a post yesterday by a black man who seemed particularly irritated that actress/rapper Eve just married a white fashion designer. I get it, but then I don't. Black women watch black men marry white women all of the time. It's such an old conversation it's almost not even a conversation anymore. Nameless even went so far as to say that only billionaires could "deal with black women." Why all the hatred, brother? Seriously. I read through as many of the comments as I could stomach, and they were mean as all get out. One man even said he "didn't care what that pie face bitch did." Okay, come on, fellas. I just can't take you right now! When black women bring this up we are mad wiggin' but when you do, it's all good? This comment made me think about another comment I read on Facebook and a brother asked, "What's with all these black female singers singing these man hating songs?" Um, get the fuck outta here! What have black women had to listen to for the forever years of rap history? Needless to say, I deleted both of the brothers from my Facebook friends list. The unfriend button, oh you are so my best friend sometimes.

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