Thursday, September 25, 2014

Free write

It's 12:03 pm and I am back at the car dealership take two of getting my oil changed. Yesterday I was told that my oil pan screw blankety blank blah blah part needed to be ordered before they could do it. No problem except the gas back and forth to Carson. But whatever. I'm looking forward to Jaha and Friends! this Saturday. Mostly I'm looking forward to driving out to San Diego by myself and listening to my playlist and all of the hype ratchetness on high volume. Yep! Thuggin' the whole way.

I'm staying the night and chilling in San Diego the next day. Gonna go to some beach and enjoy myself. Gonna eat and have a drink and enjoy my company and the drive back home. I'm looking forward to me.

Okay, the downside about this oil change experience take two is that I don't want to watch The Chew. Can we do something about this channel? Anyone? Anyone?

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