Monday, September 8, 2014

Yesterday I got present AGAIN to how superstitious we are as a family. At least my mother and I. We won't admit it though. But the way we feel we can create circumstances by doing or saying... or not doing or saying... is interesting and deeply ingrained.


  1. ok, here I go... (1) don't let a child play sweep! that will bring company (2) don't go to the dentist until after spring (I don't know why JUST DON'T DO IT!) (3) if you don't eat 'em you at least have to cook black eye peas on new years day. the aroma will at least bring about conversation that will bring the intent of a years good luck (4) you know to turn that tv off during a rain storm right? (5) you BETTER NOT go to the zoo when you pregnant! (6) if you buy your man shoes he'll walk out of your life!!!! Should I keep going?...