Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Customer service at the Metro PCS store on Manchester in Los Angeles, CA

This true story took place at Metro PCS on Manchester near Normandie in Los Angeles. With the exception of one woman none of the other employees were wearing a uniform. I was second in line.

Employee (male): Whas up?

Customer (female): (slowly walks to counter) Whas that umm warranty callt where a muaafucka cn jus be like "here, yall shit all fuckt up" an' yall be like "whatever bitch, herego anotha one"?

Employee: Yeah we got that. Lemme see yo phone. (receives phone) Yeah yeah we got that, but check it. This phone is cool but you ain' really shittin' on 'em until you got that Android (type of phone fyi).

Customer: Fareal?

Employee: Yuuup...

Employee (woman): Next

Me: (slowly walks to counter) Ummm...(wrinkles nose, big eyes, shrugs shoulders) Ummmm... yeah... hi...

Because how do I say "I just want to pay my bill"?

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