Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 2 at Debra's

Good morning all. I'm up and thankful for life, love, happiness, family, health, peace and a bunch of other words that sound like I am trying to become Ms. America. I'm not. I'm just in a good head space today.

Yesterday was long and there will be a long week ahead and that's ok. What makes my days so long here is not Debra, I really like her. It's mostly because I don't get much sleep. Besides the mental and physical exercises I do with her I also change her every two hours starting at 6am and I go until midnight. And after midnight I get up at least twice and go and see if she's kicked the covers off of herself or if she's wet. If she is, I change her again. Because she spends so much time in bed I need her to keep moving and stay dry. It's much easier to prevent a bed sore than it is to cure one. They are painful and really unnecessary. And they are a lot of work to prevent.

She's been changed twice this morning, had her bath and breakfast and has already decided that she doesn't feel like doing anything. She says that but she usually does. I'm looking forward to a good day.

I thought a lot last night about the new book and I have some ideas. I'll do some more thinking today and by tonight I'll probably start sketching.

Enjoy you today.

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