Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear Dad

I miss you. I know that you are never far from me though. I love you and think of you often. You still make me laugh. I am still learning you. Knowing you more and more. Remembering when you flew a kite with me in front of the house on Cameron. The slew footed way you walked. The gap in your teeth. Your hairline. Your hustle. Your humor. How you gave your humor when you didn't want to laugh but you knew someone else needed to smile. Your construction clothes. Walking to J&J Market with you. Your gun. When you gave me your army bag to carry to add to my costume and I didn't want it because it looked "old". Wish I had it now. How you always listened. You always loved me. You always told me. How when I was a little girl you sent me to the store with a note that said "Please give Robin a pound of hog head cheese and zig zags." Winner. Thank you. For everything.

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