Thursday, August 11, 2011

Debra. Visitors. Nurse. Sleep.

Oh my goodness I'm so sleepy. Debra's friends are back. They left to get something to eat while the nurse was here. Nurse is gone. They are back. I am sleepy, but then I said that already.


This is my last week with Debra. She was / is my favorite client. We laugh together and even when she fusses it's cool. And she doesn't a lot and it's never about me. Always just something she doesn't want to do. Her neighbors are so sweet. They gave me a gift this morning. I get off tomorrow but I'll be back on Sunday and I'll take her out to Orange County to the doctor's office. She moves into new place on Monday night.

We've both been up since early this morning. I know that as much as she is enjoying the company of her friends that she wants to take a nap. I sure do.

Ok, journaling / blogging usually at least wakes me up a little and even it's not working.

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