Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting ready for rest

Hello beautiful people. It was a long sleepy, lovely day today. Debra woke up at 4 this morning throwing up. She kept on throwing up on and off until 7a and during that time we were both...up. And tired. As it is we don't go to sleep until after midnight. She is much better now. Not much appitite though. Winding down time now. We are both sleepy and about to doze off. I'm in the chair in the living room while she is in her bed (in the living room). I'm more comfortable being able to keep an eye (ear) on her tonight. I'm off tomorrow and I am so looking forward to going home. I haven't even finished unpacking yet. That is soooo not like me. Not making any promises on getting it finished tomorrow either. Looking forward to some good rest though. Have a good weekend friends and family. You are appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. think about you often, angel... know you're doing something divinely directed... xoxo if they only knew, who was taking care of them... they'd rise to the occasion !! xoxo 'daRiver huggin at ya !